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How to book a hotel room ? Tips and tricks

Clever booking. What to know to book a room and pay less

Where can you find good ice cream in Paris?

A selection of our 12 best addresses. Artisan only

Presto fresco

One of our Italian favorites

Notre Dame is not our drama but our hope

What balance sheet to draw?

10 good deals on quiet Parisian terraces

These addresses are only known to our readers

The Musée des Arts décoratifs : Exhibitions, restaurant, terrace

Learn everything about the museum before your visit

Your wishes for 2019

And if those wishes become reality?

You can find everything at BHV

The smallest and most diversified department store in Paris, near the Relais du Louvre

La Conciergerie

The old Palais-Royal and the high place of the French Revolution. A visit for the whole family to enjoy.

Restaurant du Palais Royal

A gourmet moment in an idyllic place?

La Poule au Pot, authentic bourgeois cuisine

Why is this restaurant one of the best addresses in the Les Halles district?

Tadao Ando in Beaubourg and Japonisme 2018

The Exhibition on the Artchitect. An event among the 50 events of "Japonisme 2018"

Accessible gastronomy at Zébulon

It's a 10-minute walk from the hotel. We've tried it for you.

The Louvre relay is thinking of you for the 2018 FIFA World Cup

The best sports chanel in Relais du Louvre

Saint-Eustache "The Musician"

Why is there this qualifier and what do you have to discover?

Le Brun restaurant

Creative and affordable cuisine close to the hotel

The "Baltard Au Louvre" restaurant

An affordable gourmet restaurant with a glass roof and a terrace, located 600 meters from the Relais du Louvre

Mumi Restaurant

A gourmet restaurant with great value for your money

"A La Mère de famille", the oldest chocolatier in Paris

Visit, discover, and taste

Notre-Dame de Paris - Part 2

Two articles with everything you need to know about Notre-Dame and make the most of your trip to the most visited monument in Europe

Notre-Dame de Paris - Part 1

Two articles with everything you need to know about Notre-Dame and make the most of your trip to the most visited monument in Europe

Centre Pompidou: The Temple of Modern Arts

The largest museum in Europe dedicated to modern art is 1000 meters from the Relais du Louvre. What you need to know about the museum before the visit.

Tips and good deals: Mobile apps for the tourist in Paris

Which ones to avoid and which ones to download to simplify your life

The gastronomic bistro La Régalade Saint-Honoré

Creativity and local influences for reasonably priced cuisine

"Christian Dior, dream couturier" exhibition at the Museum of Decorative Arts

What you will see at this exhibition and why should you not miss it?

The AG: Bistronomy in Les Halles

A superb gastronomic bistro located a 10-minute walk away from the Relais du Louvre

L’Atelier du tartare: to make the best

A new unique concept in Paris, 500 metres from the Relais du Louvre. Tested and approved.

With the Relais du Louvre, the internet connection problems are over

The service we offer will meet your internet needs.

"Good trip idea": Museum of Romantics

Museum, garden and cafe: a small paradise hidden in the heart of Paris ! Back to the basics of Italian well-being

Do you want of taste a cooking that is good for your body and your taste buds?

Les artizans: Bistro chic and shock cakes

A very good place in the picturesque Montorgueil street, a 10 minutes walk from the Relais du Louvre

Boutary, a trip to a paradise... of caviar

Caviar has been democratised! Here is a place to try it. A 10-minute walk from the Relais du Louvre.

Irresistible little delights from Méert Confectionery

Try the famous waffles from this famed confectionery founded in 1761

Daroco, the best trattoria in Paris, a 10-minute walk from the Relais du Louvre

What is this wonderful place to where all those trendy in Paris run? Why is it so chic? What do you eat and at what price?

A ride on the Seine: A true moment of happiness

We tested it for you. All information and the ride's video is in our article.

Tips and tricks for getting around Paris: Vélib'

What is the cheapest and most enjoyable way to get around Paris? Tips and tricks

Le Procope, the oldest and the most revolutionary café in Paris

Have you dreamed of visiting the oldest café in Paris? It is only 12 minutes walk from Relais du Louvre.

Go see the master spice: Roellinger

A unique shop created by a three-star chef. Original gift ideas for those who love cooking. 10 minutes from the hotel.

The mythical and tasty Alcazar

Do you want to dine in a mythical Saint Germain restaurant, just a 10-minute walk from the hotel? Follow us!
La Maison du Sake: A trip to Japan

La Maison du Sake: A trip to Japan

A brand new Japanese place to check out: La Maison du Sake in the neighborhood Montorgueil.
Le Comptoir de la Gastronomie

Le Comptoir de la Gastronomie

Foie gras, local products and other homemade deli items: it's not only a deli but also a popular restaurant just 5 minutes from the hotel. To be seen, for sure.
The legendary brunch of Le Fumoir

The legendary brunch of Le Fumoir

With a 20th-century New Orleans club feel, this is the best that Paris has to offer within a 5-minute walk from the Relais du Louvre.

Getting around in Paris, tricks and tips

What's the best way to get from the airport to your hotel? Once you're settled in, how do you get around in Paris? Taxis, buses, the metro - which is the best to take at a given time? What are the pitfalls to avoid?

A walk through the Montorgueil quarter

We suggest you spend about two hours walking around the Montorgueil quarter: the passage du Grand Cerf and the rue Montorgueil, pausing several times for fine food.

The Palais Royal: A great attraction steeped in history

This royal palace features Louis XIII architecture, gardens, galleries with boutiques and restaurants, theatres and an artwork installation... and all only 10 minutes from the hotel!

Pont Neuf, Ile de la Cité and Sainte-Chapelle

What is the best route for visiting the greatest jewel of French Gothic art?

Carrousel du Louvre: wonderful treats in store!

The Carrousel du Louvre shopping mall is only a ten minute walk from the Relais du Louvre. Check out our selection of the wonderful treats in store for you.

Great deals and tips for making the most of your trip to Paris

Is there a best season for visiting Paris? Should you come during the school holiday period? How long should you stay? What should you see in Paris and what do you need to know to find your way around? We have the answers to all your questions.

The must-see shows for the fall season at Théâtre du Châtelet

What are the must-see shows for this fall at Théâtre du Châtelet, just steps away from the Relais du Louvre?

Le Louvre : the most visited museum in the world

The Louvre – the most visited museum in the world, located just 100 meters from the Relais du Louvre.

Le Kei restaurant: an unforgettable experience just down the street from the Relais du Louvre

Looking for a dazzling culinary adventure? Follow our lead!

Where to find a gastronomc restaurant at affordable prices?

If you enjoy French gastronomy at affordable prices in a beautiful setting, the Maceo is a restaurant you won’t want to miss.


I had heard good things and wanted to test myself: what a wonderful place!


The agency FRANCE TOURISME just opened a new office only 2 minutes away from the hotel. We will still reserve for you the tours you wish


I discovered the restaurant Le Colimaçon right after it opened thanks to his owner


You want to bring some souverni for your friends but you don't want a pink Eiffel Tower nor an "I LOVE PARIS" T shirt: