Tartiflette, Fondue Savoyarde, and Hot Mont d’Or in Paris!

France is a country of cheese and winter is a time during which we treat ourselves at least once to a tartiflette, a fondue, or a hot mont d’or, whether that’s at home or in a friendly, savoyardesque restaurant. Be it with family or friends, it’s a special moment to be shared, with rich food that can be walked off later in the day.

The tartiflette was invented in the 1980s. It’s a simple, but delicious dish: Potatoes, onions, lardons, Recblochon cheese, and white wine browned in the oven.

The fondue savoyarde is a dish shared amongst friends and family. It consists of dipping small pieces of bread in a fondue pot placed in the middle of the table, where a cheese such as Comté de montagneBeaufortGruyère de SavoieÉmmental de Savoie, or even Abondance has been melted and mixed with white wine. You can garnish with all types of cold meats, potatoes, and pickles. It’s a dish that dates all the way back to 1651.

And we musn’t forget to say our thanks to our Swiss neighbors for their delicious hot Mont d’Or, also known as hot box or hot Mont d’Or vacherin. Mont d’Or comes from the Vaud canton and is one of the most refined and floral cheeses ever existing. The box is covered and placed in the oven at 180° for 30 min. This is how long it takes to be served. Ideally, the melted cheese is accompanied by baked potatoes, green salad, and meats such as ham, BündnerfleischBrésiMontbéliard sausages, or Morteau sausages.

This cheese shop/restaurant offers over a hundred types of cheeses that you can by and place in the fridge of your hotel room. They go well with white wine as an aperitif.

Next to the cheese shop is a comfortable dining room where you can try, among other delicious recipes, a tartiflette or a hot Chardonnay Mont d’Or served with Roseval potatoes, crostini, garlic, and rosemary.

Pain Vin Fromages

This restaurant not only offers cheese platters but also a large selection of fondues and raclettes, tartiflette, and Mont d’Or. You must reserve a seat in advance though as they are always full in the evening. Each dish is about €17 to €18.

Le Chalet Savoyard

Don’t let the lack of refined decor deceive you, as the dining room is very comfortable and the restaurant boasts the largest selection of fondues: from a classic savoyarde to a four-cheese fondue, a kirsch or Reblochon flambée, and so many more. Prices vary between €18 and €24.

There is also a large variety of tartiflettes (Bündnerfleisch, blue cheese, smoked salmon, ceps, etc.) ranging from €16 to €19.50, raclettes ranging from €27 to €28 for two people, and a Mont d’Or (depending on the season) served with cold meats, potatoes, and green salad for €24.50.

Les Fondus de la Raclette

The décor is so typically savoyarde that we found ourselves looking for the ski boot lockers. We are once again taken to the land of tartiflettes, raclettes, and fondues. Raclettes are priced between €19 and €23, tartiflettes, between €19.50 and €24, and fondues between €19 and €25.

19, rue des Prêtres-Saint-Germain-l'Auxerrois
75001 Paris

+33 (0)1 40 41 96 42


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