«  Revoir Van Eyck » at the Musée du Louvre, from March 20 to June 17

To mark the completion of the restoration of one of the jewels in the Louvre’s collection, the museum is staging this magnificent exhibition. The famous painting, painted around 1430, had not been refreshed for 225 years.

Dirt and several layers of oxidized varnish had cast a veil over the work, which the restoration has removed, revealing the flamboyance of the colors and the incredible precision of the details. This work, commissioned by Nicolas Rolin, depicts the patron facing the Virgin. Nicolas Rolin was Chancellor to the Duke of Burgundy, Philippe the Good.

Chancellor Rolin’s Madonna

This exhibition helps us discover the secrets behind this work.

In the midst of a charmingly detailed setting depicting medieval life, two small figures stand out, of which the one on the right is attributed to Van Eyck.

The exhibition is designed to show the different ways of looking at the work as we approach it. Around this painting, the exhibition unfolds in different sections, inviting us to take a didactic stroll.

The rear of « Chancellor Rolin’s Madonna »  features an incredibly modern marble trompe-l’oeil
“The Virgin of Lucca”, painted by Van Eyck in 1441, gives a vision of the Virgin very close to that of “Chancellor Rolin’s Madonna”
The detail of “Chancellor Rolin’s Madonna” and the “Portrait of Beaudoin de Lannoy” (Van Eyck 1431) show a similar view of the two figures

You can continue your introduction to Flemish painting on the 2nd floor of the Richelieu wing, devoted to the northern schools from the 15th to the 19th century. You’ll have the pleasure of visiting rarely-visited rooms containing considerable masterpieces.

Tips for visiting the Louvre

When visiting, the rule is always the same: Ride against the flow. Visit the Louvre on weekdays, at lunchtime or at night.

For fans

If you love 15th-century Flemish painting and appreciate the beautiful architecture of Flanders, you’ll want to head to the beautiful city of Ghent to admire the altarpiece of “The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb”, completed in 1432 by the Van Eyck brothers. This marvel can be seen in St. Bavo’s Cathedral.

Restoration of the work will also be completed in 2024, and will have taken 14 years. The work measures 4 meters 40 by 3 meters 40
The mystic lamb can be seen in the lower and middle sections of the altarpiece

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