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Is there a best season for visiting Paris?

Like New York, London and Tokyo, Paris is an extraordinary city brimming with charm throughout the year. Whether you visit during the hot summer days of August when the streets are quiet or at Christmas, when the city is bustling with holiday spirit, Paris is always a magical place for visitors young and old.

Average temperatures:

  • June to August: 59/79° F
  • May and September: 57/72° F
  • April and October: 52/63° F     
  • December to February: 43/54° F 
  • March and November: 46/57° F

Try to come during the school vacation periods

Pendant les congés scolaires, beaucoup de parisiens quittent la ville. Il y a moins de monde et aussi moins d’activité professionnelle et donc plus de disponibilité. Les prix des hôtels, des billets de train et d’avion sont donc plus bas. C’est particulièrement vrai pendant les vacances d’hiver quand tout le monde est au ski.

  • Du 17 octobre au 2 novembre
  • Du 19 décembre au 4 janvier
  • Du 20 février au 7 mars
  • Du 16 avril au 2 juin
  • Du 5 juillet au 1er septembre

Visit during the weekend rather than during the week

During the weekend, of course, you will find fewer workers commuting into the city and residents like to get out of the capital to enjoy nature whenever they have the chance. The end result is the same: prices are lower and the crowds have thinned.

How long should I stay?

You will need to spend at least three days in Paris, at a minimum. Paris needs to be experienced on foot, and if you only visit tourist highlights such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre or the Avenue des Champs Elysées, you’ll certainly enjoy yourself but you won’t have the time to soak up the city’s full charm. For example, you will need an entire afternoon to explore the village of Montmartre – a unique place that is sure to win your heart.

If you have the time, a five-day stay is best. Plus, hotels often offer better deals for stays of five days/four nights or longer.

Take advantage of this fact to book your stay at least three weeks in advance and get the best possible rates. You may have heard that you should wait until the last second to book a hotel room in order to get the best price – this is not true. Hotels that offer discount rooms on specialty websites are not the most appealing places to stay.

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What to visit in Paris

It would be too time-consuming to simply write a list of museums, monuments and places to visit in Paris. The city has 173 museums, 31 monuments, 3 opera houses, 171 churches and temples, 208 theaters and cabarets, 20 covered shopping arcades, 84 movie theaters, 14 cemeteries and 463 parks and gardens. And another major museum just opened its doors in Paris: the Louis Vuitton Foundation. It houses a collection of exceptional works of art and offers a stunning, gorgeous view of the city.

We recommend taking a look at the easy-to-use, bilingual website visitparisregion to plan your visit :

Other places to visit

Paris is a strategic access point to other cities in France and Europe, which is one of the reasons the French capital is one of the most visited cities in the world.

Just like New York City is not the United States, Paris is not France. France is a country with a rich culture and traditions as well as a wide variety of geographical regions. It would be impossible to draw up a list of all the stunning places to visit in France.

This travel blog suggests some creative places to visit:

Unfortunately, the blog is only available in French. is a visually pleasing website in English. With its array of dazzling photos, it will help you to quickly find the right place to stay:

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