Jeffrey Cagnes patisserie, rue de Montorgueil

This patisserie is located 1km from the Relais du Louvre. Jeffrey Cagnes is a well-known chef in the pastry world. We remember him from Monsieur Bleu, Stohrer and Casse-Noisette, among others.

Monsieur Bleu? One of the finest restaurants in Paris, with a refined menu. Stohrer? Yes, you do. We’ve already mentioned it in a previous article: The oldest pastry shop in Paris, the origin of Baba au Rhum. Jeffrey Cagnes started out as an apprentice and went on to become head chef of a 25-people brigade. As for the late Casse-Noisette, it was a sublime pastry shop on avenue de l’Opéra, where Jeffrey Cagnes designed a Paris-Brest to die for!

So it was impossible not to try Jeffrey Cagnes’ much-loved patisserie, which opened less than a year ago on rue Montorgueil. Since 2021, Jeffrey Cagnes has also been present in Paris’s 17th arrondissement.

The patisserie is located in the beautiful Rue Montorgueil, at number 73

Jeffrey is a Paris lover, and he knows that rue Montorgueil is not only particularly charming and lively, but also has a long history of culinary service.

The oven door is Jeffrey’s television. He loves his job, he loves tradition, but he’s a creative pastry chef. We’ll also be following him at Christmas, as Jeffrey Cagnes has a soft spot for Christmas logs.

The presentation is airy and neat

So here we are on rue Montorgueil, choosing 4 patisseries to try out for you. We had a great time discovering his latest creations. His patisserie is just like him: refined, aesthetic, crossbred, sophisticated yet generous.

We selected the following for our testing:

  • Vanilla éclair
  • Saint Honoré
  • Pistachio orange blossom tart
  • Paris Brest

That’s 2 classics, a creation and a revisited classic.

Vanilla éclair

The cabbage is quite dense, but what immediately hits the palate is the vanilla flavor, which is really very present, with all its sweetness, its creaminess tending towards caramel, its exoticism. We liked the powdery topping on the surface. The little sign in the patisserie tells us that this is a Madagascar vanilla. Bravo! it’s a very good vanilla éclair, perhaps one of the best we’ve ever tasted.

The Saint-Honoré

It’s mounted on a very fresh puff pastry. The choux puffs are just as fresh, filled with madagascar vanilla cream, so we get the same impression of generosity and sweetness. The caramel is crisp and present, but not too strong. A toasted flavor on the finish.

Pistachio and orange blossom tart

A very pretty arrangement on a crunchy shortbread crust. Excellent quality of fresh pistachio, with full flavor. From Iran? Pistachio cream with a light praline finish. The pastry is topped with a white chocolate that adds generosity. Really excellent!

Le Paris-Brest

We’re saving it for last, as it’s our favorite. Its praline cream gave us great pleasure, and we were reminded of the lovely magic trick that was the Paris-Brest from Jeffrey Cagnes’s old patisserie. The praline is absolutely magnificent. The hazelnut is sweet. Bravo, this Paris-Brest could perhaps rival Michalak‘s.

We’ve spotted a few artisanal products that we’re keen to try, but haven’t tested. They might make good gift ideas.

Fruit pastes
Dangerous products: praline and salted butter caramel spreads. Chocolate-coated hazelnuts and pistachios

To sum up, this is a very well mastered pastry, generous yet refined, both classic and creative, made with quality products for a very fair price. We recommend it without hesitation.

See Jeffrey Cane make his Paris-Brest :

Jeffrey Cagnes
73 rue Montorgueil – 75002 Paris
Monday to Saturday 9H00 0 20H00, Sunday 9H00 to 19H00

19, rue des Prêtres-Saint-Germain-l'Auxerrois
75001 Paris

+33 (0)1 40 41 96 42

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