The Petit Bouillon Pharamond: one of the best values for money in Paris

You could compare it to the Bouillon Chartier, but more intimate and better quality. It was founded in 1832 and redecorated in Art Nouveau style for the 1900 Paris Exhibition, and its floral ceramics are a listed historical monument. With three dining rooms, the most beautiful being on the second floor, the establishment offers authentic decoration, starters under €5, and dishes that are for the most part less than €10.

And only a 12-minute walk from the Relais du Louvre? It’s hard to believe!

La salle du 2ème étage

François Mitterrand used to go there regularly before and during his presidency and Jacques Chirac also went there several times. If you like Belle Epoque Paris and simple, gourmet French cuisine, you shouldn’t leave Paris without going there.

The menu largely reflects gourmet Norman cuisine at a very economical price: bone marrow on toast (€3.80), old style devilled eggs with mayonnaise (€1.90), leeks vinaigrette (€3.90), Caen-style tripe (€10.90), haddock brandade with frisée lettuce (€9.90), calvados baba (€4.90), etc. There are not many establishments in Paris able to offer home cooking in an authentic setting at these prices.

A piece of advice: the Petit Bouillon Pharamond is very well known, so come early, before 12:30 for lunch and before 7:30 for the dinner. That way you will be served quickly and efficiently. They don’t accept reservations.

I started with a little homemade foie gras at… €8.90, yes, it’s possible! Served with an onion compote, it was well seasoned and quite good.

I took a glance at the cream of pumpkin, foie gras mousse and grilled squash seed soup (€5.20) of my neighbour, who told me that she was very satisfied with her choice.

I ordered a quarter litre of a fairly tannic Côtes du Rhône (€4) that went well with the beef Bourguignon with macaroni (€10.20) that arrived promptly. The meat was very tender, the broth was tasty, the carrots and pasta were not overcooked. The serving was so generous that I couldn’t finish it.

To finish, I couldn’t resist a dessert that my grandmother used to make: brioche French toast with caramel. I would have liked it slightly grilled but this soft and not too sweet version was delicious too.

The service is professional, and fast if you come early. 

In short, the establishment offers a mix of culture, authenticity and generosity at an absolutely unbeatable price.

24, Rue de la Petite Truanderie – 75001 Paris
Every day from noon to midnight

19, rue des Prêtres-Saint-Germain-l'Auxerrois
75001 Paris

+33 (0)1 40 41 96 42

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