Saint-Eustache “The Musician”

The Église Saint-Eustache, with its initial buildings dating back to the 13th century, certainly deserves a visit, especially if you like music. The church is 700 meters from Le Relais du Louvre.

History and architecture

In the thirteenth century, the building was a modest chapel with a crypt. If the latter still exists, it’s because the chapel was enlarged over time, and it was in 1539 that construction began of the church on the site of the chapel. This building was completed almost 100 years later and was rebuilt in 1754.

The church has been the seat of many events such as the baptisms of Richelieu and Molière, and the funeral of Jean de la Fontaine. Colbert is buried there. You can see beautiful stained-glass windows and a rose window. Many paintings decorate the chapels.

The organ and the concerts

The church has had an organ since the 16th century where Mozart played his Te Deum, but we do not know the origin of the current organ which was almost completely reworked up until 1989.

The instrument consists of 8000 pipes serving 115 organ stops served by two consoles of 5 keyboards each, one in the nave. Attention, vibrations are numerous. The instrument is particularly strong. This is the only organ in France to be equipped with a 32-foot (very omnipresent) organ stop.

Every Sunday, often after 4:00 pm, you can attend free concerts given by Thomas Ospital, organist, or by other organists, choirs or orchestras.

To consult the program:

Saint Eustache is also the venue for other concerts outside the church’s programming. We have selected these 4 recitals for you which seem to be of particular interest. 

Good listening and have a great visit.

Inaugural Concert of the Saint-Eustache Season by Thomas Ospital
“Celestial Vaults 2016” – Miguel CHEVALIER, Nuit Blanche  – 2016
“My only love” – ​​Laurent Voulzy in Saint Eustache
An extremely well-done presentation on the organ by Thomas Ospital, which will fascinate enthusiasts of the instrument


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