Tadao Ando in Beaubourg and Japonisme 2018

The exhibition Tadao Ando is part of “ Japanism 2018 ”. At the occasion of the 160th anniversary of Japanese-French relations, the best of culture Japanese that will be presented for eight months in Paris and France,: Exhibitions, live shows, cinema and arts of life, more than 50 events.

Tadao Ando, The Challenge – From October 10 to December 31, 2018

Tadao Ando is one of the most important living architects. This exhibition is a must of you’re a fan of architecture. Beaubourg, who is hosting the event, was designed by Renzo Piano and is an exceptional museum. It holds one of the three most important collections of modern and contemporary art in the world, with that of the Museum of Modern Art from New York and Tate Modern from London. For more information on the museum: Read our article

Koshino House – Kobe

Tadao Ando received the Nobel Prize for Architecture and is self-taught. He is the architect of silence. He specializes in concrete and light, using the “functionalist” approach of Le Corbusier. Like him, Ando disagrees with immediately building under economic and social pressure, as it creates a “mind-numbing landscape”. He builds spaces where the inhabitant can live a new experience in symbiosis with nature.

The exhibition will present the architect’s history and the perspectives he has opened through models, sketches, drawings, and videos.

Tadao Ando was chosen along with 3 other architects to transform the stock exchange into a museum that will soon present the Pinault Foundation collections. Th best part is that the opening of this future museum is a 10-minute walk from the Relais du Louvre.

Church of the light – Ibaraki, Osaka

Japanism 2018

We have selected two shows among others, but please consult the events agenda which offers variety and quality.

Mahabharata – Nalacharitam

A fresco of Indian mythology by the Japanese director Satoshi Miyagi. Aesthetics, finesse, musicality, as well as humor.

November 19 to 25, 2018

Learn more: click here

Bunraku (puppet theater)

Tamao Yishida, one of Japan’s greatest puppeteers, performs with shamisen player Tomisuke Toyozawa and gidayû (narrator) Chitose-dayu Takemoto.

Tamao Yoshida has been awarded the title of “Living National Treasure”.

October 12 and 13, 2018

Learn more: click here

Official program: https://japonismes.org/en/officialprograms

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