The mythical and tasty Alcazar

It was in 1968 that Jean-Marie Rivière, future director of the Paradise Latin opened the Alcazar, a cabaret where you can find drag shows and “feathered” revues. The hotel connects with the nightclub “Rock’n Roll Circus,” where Jim Morrison died of an overdose in July 1971.

After dinner, serving up to 750 seats, the show begins, followed by a cancan review; transvestites, Brazilian ballet… Duke Ellington celebrated there his 70th birthday in January 1970 in the presence of Maurice Chevalier.

Today, the Alcazar is a 180-seat restaurant. This is a great space, topped with a glass roof 12 meters high and a mezzanine housing a bar. The fortress also offers a private lounge and a club in the former Rock’n Roll Circus.

The decorator Laura Gonzalez, late 2015, designed this space, emphasizing the “tropical” with a glass roof and stairwell. Tinged with Brazilian exoticism, this is however not a “coded” decoration but they are unlikely encounters that form a personal and feminine mix: rattan, marble, brass, flower prints, red or gold velvet, antique.

The private lounge

The table is sober: white marble, antique silver but beautifully designed contemporary porcelain. The food’s presentation is aesthetic.

Chef Guillaume Lutard spent time at Taillevent and l’auberge de Mougins with Roger Vergé (both with 3 Michelin stars). For pastries, he spent some time at Sthorer (read our article).

For lunch, Guillaume Lutard created a fairly short but modern, creative and affordable menu: main courses are €24, entree-main course or main course-dessert for €29 and entree-main course-dessert for € 34. At night, the menu offers entrees from €12 to €72 (Osetra caviar) and main courses between €24 and €39.

I recommend lunch not only value for the great value, but also for the smaller crowds.

As a starter, I tasted a grapefruit ceviche bar. The bar is lightly toasted, well balanced by the grapefruit and relieved by a granny smith, which brings acidity and ginger for an exotic side. Very fine and very fresh.

Ceviche bar, grapefruit, granny smith

The ravioli of wild mushrooms, bush, and mushrooms that I then tasted did not remind me of anything commonplace, and they were a delight in every bite.

This restaurant is a good place to rediscover a Michelin plate (*).

(*) Do not confuse “plate” for “star.”  The Michelin plate is a distinction that emphasizes “quality products and the chef’s dexterity: just a good meal.” »


62, rue Mazarine
75006 Paris

Tel: +33 (0)153101999


19, rue des Prêtres-Saint-Germain-l'Auxerrois
75001 Paris

+33 (0)1 40 41 96 42

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